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What does Helios mean?

Helios, (Greek: “Sun”) in Greek religion, the sun god, sometimes called a Titan. He drove a chariot daily from east to west across the sky and sailed around the northerly stream of Ocean each night in a huge cup.

What is geo short for?


Acronym Definition
GEO Geography
GEO Geographic
GEO Global Environment Outlook
GEO Georgia (ISO Country code)

What kind of name is Geo?

The name Geo means Farmer Or Location and is of American origin. Geo is name that’s been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names–baby names that can be used for any gender.

Is Geo a boy or girl name?


gender boy
origin Greek
popularity unusual
syllables 2
starts with G

Is Geo short for George?

Geo (male) English abbreviation for George, ultimately from Greek “husbandman”. Geo is a very common abbreviation for George in official documents. In the 1841 Census for Aberdeenshire, over 10% of the many thousand entries for George are thus shortened.

What is geo in geography?

Geography Defined The word geography can be broken into the two basic elements of “GEO” and “GRAPHY.” Geo comes from the Greek word for Earth (the word Gaea, also meaning earth, derives from the Greek as well).

Is Chuck a nickname for George?

The first famous Chuck was a 19th-century New York City gangster named Chuck Connors, whose given name was George Washington O’Connor, not Charles. So how did he get the nickname “Chuck”? But since Charles lacked any catchy alternative nicknames at the time, Chuck stuck.

What does graphy mean?

1 : writing or representation in a (specified) manner or by a (specified) means or of a (specified) object stenography photography. 2 : writing on a (specified) subject or in a (specified) field hagiography.

What does graphy mean in Latin?

Latin -graphia

What does auto mean?

auto- 1. a combining form meaning “self,” “same,” “spontaneous,” used in the formation of compound words: autograph, autodidact.

What does the Latin word et al mean?

“Et al.” is short for the Latin term “et alia,” meaning “and others.” It is used in academic citations when referring to a source with multiple authors: Hulme et al.

What does ETC mean?

et cetera

What does Ibid mean?

in the same place

What does IE mean?

Id est

What is the meaning of op cit?

cit. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase opus citatum or opere citato, meaning “the work cited” or in the cited work, respectively.

Does Harvard Referencing use Ibid?

In-Text Example 4: when citing the same article or book as the previous citation, you can (if you want) use ‘ibid. You must provide a list of the references that you have cited, formatted in the Harvard style, and in alphabetical order by author, in a bibliography at the end of your work.

What does supra note mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Supra (Latin for “above”) is an academic and legal citation signal used when a writer desires to refer a reader to an earlier-cited authority. For example, an author wanting to refer to a source in their third footnote would cite: See supra note 3.

What does supra and infra mean?

“Supra” is used to cite prior material while “infra” is used to cite subsequent material.

What does supra mean law?

A Latin term meaning “above”. A word often used in legal writing to refer the reader to a portion that comes in earlier part of the document, case, or book.

Footnote numbers are placed in superscript, usually at the end of the sentence. If you are referring to a word, place the footnote number directly after the word. If you cite one source multiple times, use ibid or supra after the first citation rather than repeating the full citation.

What is ibid footnote?

Ibid. is an abbreviation for the Latin word ibīdem, meaning “in the same place”, commonly used in an endnote, footnote, bibliography citation, or scholarly reference to refer to the source cited in the preceding note or list item.

What is footnote research paper?

A footnote is a reference, explanation, or comment1 placed below the main text on a printed page. Footnotes are identified in the text by a numeral or a symbol. In research papers and reports, footnotes commonly acknowledge the sources of facts and quotations that appear in the text.

What is footnote law?

Although in-text citations are fairly common in legal memos and factums, footnotes are the preferred method of citation used at law school. There are two types of footnotes: Citation Footnotes: directly support the author’s argument and point the reader to the source which is being quoted or referred to.

How do I do footnotes?

The footnote number is placed immediately after the word to which the footnote citation refers. If the footnote citation refers to a paragraph, then place the footnote number immediately after the final punctuation mark.

How do you write Ibid?

If you consecutively cite the same source two or more times in a note (complete or shortened), you may use the word “Ibid” instead. Ibid is short for the Latin ibidem, which means “in the same place”. If you’re referencing the same source but different page, follow ‘Ibid’ with a comma and the new page number(s). 1.

How is supra used in citation?

After providing a full citation of a periodical, you may use “id.” or “supra” in subsequent citations. Use “id.” to refer to periodical material cited in the immediately preceding citation. Otherwise, use the “supra” form (Rule 16.9). ⇒ Example: Llewellyn, supra, at 401-06.