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What does hypothetic mean?

Wiktionary. hypothetic(Adjective) based on hypothesis or theory; hypothetical. hypothetic(Adjective) existing as an abstract concept rather than a concrete reality.

What does it mean when you say hypothetically speaking?

: by making an assumption for the sake of discussion or argument : in a hypothetical way speaking hypothetically In this lucid report …

What do you call a person who is hypocrite?

Definitions of hypocrite. noun. a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. synonyms: dissembler, dissimulator, phoney, phony, pretender.

What is hypocrisy in belief?

Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another or the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.

Can a person have two faces?

Diprosopus (Greek: διπρόσωπος, “two-faced”, from δι-, di-, “two” and πρόσωπον, prósopon [neuter], “face”, “person”; with Latin ending), also known as craniofacial duplication (cranio- from Greek κρανίον, “skull”, the other parts Latin), is an extremely rare congenital disorder whereby parts (accessories) or all of the …

Can you be born with 2 brains?

“It sounds strange to say. However, it is absolutely true. The human body has two brains, but not two brains as we know them,” Dr Candrawinata said. “Our brain in our head is responsible for our thinking and processing.

Do two headed cats exist?

Named for the Roman god Janus, who was usually portrayed as having two faces, domestic cats with two faces are extremely rare, noted Leslie Lyons of the University of Missouri’s Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, who specializes in feline genetics.

Do two-headed animals exist?

The most commonly observed two-headed animals are turtles and snakes. Other species with known two-headed occurrences include cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, and fish. It was notable as a dicephalic animal for surviving into adulthood with two perfect heads.

Can a cat be born with two faces?

Janus cats are born with the condition Diprosopia, a congenital disorder where cats are literally born with two faces.

What is the name for a spayed female cat?