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Can you Unmerge a pull request?

You can revert a pull request after it’s been merged to the upstream branch.

How do you restrict who can merge pull request GitHub?

No, GitHub doesn’t let you restrict who can perform a merge. However, if you want to require a specific group of people to approve a PR before merging, use the CODEOWNERS file and require an approval from a code owner before merging in the branch protection settings.

How do I stop GitHub merging?

To block merging completely: In your Github repository head to Settings -> Branches -> Protected branches and choose the branch that you’d like to be able to freeze (e.g. master). Check Protect this branch. Check Require status checks to pass before merging.

How do I fix a merged pull request?

If your pull request is merged, closed, then your changes are pulled out (via force pushing backwards to before the merge), you will need to add commits to the branch and create a new pull request, copying all the details over and probably providing a link to the original pull request to manually save the history.

How often can a pull request be merged?

You can also require that pull requests have at least one approved review before they can be merged. By default, any pull request can be merged at any time, unless the head branch is in conflict with the base branch.

Why do we do Merge checks on pull requests?

Merge checks are used to prevent pull requests from being merged until your required conditions are met. Pull requests provide a way to do peer code reviews and merges as part of a branch-based development workflow and help protect your production code.

Can a pull request be pushed to a master branch?

When you set your master branch policy to Require a minimum number of reviewers, the master branch automatically will be protected. You will not be able to push any commits. In order to make any changes, you will need to create a new branch, and create a pull request to merge the modifications.

How to prevent push to master but allow PR merge?

However, I can’t work out how to prevent developers pushing directly to master. Setting the “Contribute” permission to Deny does not allow pull requests to be merged. All developers should be allowed to merge PRs into master but none should be permitted to push directly to master.