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Did Germany occupy Denmark during WWII?

Nazi soldiers marching through in Denmark on April 9, 1940. In April 1940, German forces invaded Denmark. They didn’t meet with much resistance. Rather than suffer an inevitable defeat by fighting back, the Danish government negotiated to insulate Denmark from the occupation.

What happened to the crown prince of Denmark during ww2?

Frederick IX, (born March 11, 1899, Sorgenfri Castle, near Copenhagen—died Jan. 14, 1972, Copenhagen), king of Denmark (1947–72) who gave encouragement to the Danish resistance movement against the German occupation during World War II and, along with his father, Christian X, was imprisoned by the Germans (1943–45).

Why did the King of Denmark surrender to Germany?

DENMARK IS OCCUPIED However, the government in Copenhagen decided that the German military superiority was too great to justify further resistance. At the same time heavy bombardment of the Danish cities and towns was feared. Therefore after only a few hours it was decided to surrender.

Who was in charge of Denmark during ww2?

Thorvald Stauning

Was Denmark bombed in ww2?

Operation Carthage, on 21 March 1945, was a British air raid on Copenhagen, Denmark during the Second World War which caused significant collateral damage….Operation Carthage.

Date 21 March 1945
Location Copenhagen, Denmark55.6778°N 12.5617°E
Result British victory

What guns did Denmark use in ww2?

Side arms

  • Danish M1910/21 Bergmann–Bayard pistol. Standard infantry sidearm of Danish military in World War II. Non-combat units such as artillery received 19th century Danish revolvers. Bergmann–Bayard M1910/21 pistol.
  • Danish 1865/97 revolver.

What guns do Danish special forces use?


Model Type Danish designation
USP Pistol H&K USP
SIG Sauer P210 Pistol Neuhausen M/49
Tactical 5.0 Pistol STI Tactical
MP5 Submachine gun MP5

What weapons did the Danish resistance use?

The British Sten sub-machinegun was widely supplied, generally via air-drops, to resistance organizations throughout German-occupied Europe. Some of these groups also manufactured copies of their own. This copy of as Sten Gun was manufactured in Denmark.

How big is the Danish army?

Royal Danish Army
Type Army
Role Land warfare
Size Active: 25.400 Reserve: 63,000 363 tracked and 257 wheeled armoured vehicles
Part of Danish Defence Command

Is Denmark a socialist?

Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy”.

Is Danish Army Strong?

Denmark managed to maintain its neutrality during the First World War, with a relative strong military force.

Can foreigners join the Danish army?

Danish Defence – Foreign nationals already living in Denmark or in another EU country may apply to join the Danish armed forces, providing they have lived one year in Denmark if applying within or six years if applying within an EU country. However, they must be fluent in Danish and must be able to write it as well.

Can Americans join Danish military?

Foreign nationals may serve in the Danish military, either under the same conditions as Danish conscripts or by signing longer term contracts and undergoing specialist educations. Serving in the Danish military does not exempt you from national service in your native country.