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Is R123 a low pressure refrigerant?

For environmental reasons, R-123 is now the low pressure centrifugal refrigerant of choice.

What is a high efficiency purge unit?

what is meant by the term “high efficiency purge unit” those purge units which discharge a low percentage of refrigerant with the air which they remove. a typical setting for the high pressure cutout control on a recovery unit used for evacuating the refrigerant from a low pressure chiller is. 10 psig.

What is the primary water source for a recovery unit?

Correct answer is C: the local municipal water supply. The primary water source for a recovery unit condensing coil is the local municipal water supply.

Where does refrigerant go after leaving purge unit?

When evacuating a system, the use of too large a vacuum pump can cause: _________. Where does refrigerant go after it leaves the purge unit of a low pressure centrifugal system? a) [To] the evaporator.

What is the best method to determine a chillers normal charge for leak rate calculations?

charge stated

What is the easiest type of refrigerant used in a 60 ton packaged rooftop unit?

When servicing a 60-ton packaged rooftop unit, the easiest way to check the type of refrigerant it uses is to. use your service gauge set and a refrigerant card.

Which leak repair category does the EPA define as air conditioning appliances used to provide cooling in order to control heat?

Comfort cooling- These are air-conditioning appliances used to provide cooling in order to control heat and/or humidity in occupied facilities including but not limited to residential, office, and commercial buildings.

Which of the following is a reason to heat a system during dehydration?

What purpose is served by heating a system during dehydration? To speed up moisture removal.

What is the center port on a 3 port manifold is used for?

The center port of the manifold gauge is used during recovery, evacuation and charging refrigeration appliances. A compressor should never be started while in a deep vacuum because it could cause damage to the compressor’s windings.

What range is displayed on a high-pressure gauge on a service manifold?

A high-pressure gauge at the right side of the manifold is used to measure system high-side (discharge) pressures. It is typically calibrated to measure system pressures in the range of 0 to 500 psig.

Which refrigerant does not need to be recovered?

It is not mandatory to repair the leak on small appliances, but it is recommended to do so whenever possible. Co2 refrigerant R-744 (Carbon dioxide) is a very high-pressure refrigerant and generally does not need to be recovered.

Which condition requires accessing both the high and low side of the system for refrigerant recovery?

using the system dependent (passive) recovery process, which condition requires accessing both the high and low side of the system for refrigerant recovery? it is necessary to heat the compressor and strike it with a rubber mallet.

Do you add R22 as a liquid or vapor?

Pure refrigerants like R22 can be added in liquid or vapor states. If adding liquid into the suction like, throttle it in slowly to avoid slugging the compressor or diluting and washing out the compressor oil. After the charge has been set, avoid installing the gauges as part of regular service.

Is Freon illegal in California?

THE ANSWER: The short answer is yes. Freon is the common name for HCFC-22 and R-22. In 2010, the EPA banned any new systems that used HCFC-22 and starting January 1, 2020, they will ban the manufacturing and import of the chemical itself.

What refrigerant will replace R410A?