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What is the reflection of the two brothers?

Reflection: In the story, two brothers showed their love and concern to each other even though they have their own lives. In the end, they both saw that their love for each other still remains after all those years of being separated.

What is the moral lesson of the tale of two brothers?

The moral lesson of the “Two Brothers” is that blood is thicker than water. The two brothers were each other’s keeper. Care, Givingand Love is important to all siblings and that all relationships.

What is the problem of the two brothers?

What is the conflict of the story the two brothers? The conflict of the story is when the younger brother attempts to convince the older brother to go with him to the top of the mountain to live a “better life”. The falling action is when the two brothers resolved their problems and reunited, and made a conversation.

What is the setting of the two brothers?

The setting for The Story of Two Brothers is agricultural. The majority of the story takes place on a farm in which the characters help take care of.

How did the story end the two brothers an Egyptian folktale?

Answer: When the pharaoh dies, the crown prince (a resurrected Bata) becomes king, and he appoints his elder brother Anpu as crown prince. The story ends happily, with the brothers at peace with one another and in control of their country.

How did the faithless woman bring misfortune to the two brothers in the tale of the two brothers?

Anpu’s wife had pretended that she was beaten by Bata by painting her body with blue and black and appeared to be in great pain. She even act as if she cannot give Anpu water to wash his hands, did not light the fire for him, and acts very sick.

What religious belief does the selection reveal in the tale of the two brothers?

tale of the Two Brothers An Egyptian Folktale”? The religious belief does the selection reveal in the story of “The tale of the Two Brother” is polytheistic as they believe more than one god.

Who is Anubis brother?

brother Wepwawet

How did the author begin the story the two brothers?

Answer: it all begins with the two brothers named anpu, the eldest and bata, the younger one. their parents died and anpu was already married and he have a house of his own so he took his little brother to live with him and treated him like his own son. Bata grew and become a fine young man.

What is the main problem in story?

Answer: What is the conflict or the main problem of the story? Conflict in a story is a struggle between opposing forces. Characters must act to confront those forces and there is where conflict is born.